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New things are said to bring happiness to our lives. So why shouldn’t it be the same with building a new website or an app? We believe that creating new things is an exciting experience. We at KOIA KOIA! enjoy bringing innovative ideas to the real world. This is why we are able to deliver projects with passion and fulfill the highest expectations of our clients.

More about us

About us

We’re a small creative studio focused on forming amazing online experience. We have been in the online business since 2004, either as freelancers or as team members of large internet agencies. This is why we know how challenging the process of building a new website can be. We believe that creating a new website should be an exciting time for everyone and not a stressful cooperation with IT nerds. We have come a long way to find a name that would match our innermost values and also connect with our expectations. KOIA KOIA! is an idiom used in the Māori language to praise someone’s work, idea or achievement.

We offer the best human skills combined with cutting-edge technology to provide a unique full-service package.

Michal Bíza

Michal Bíza

Lukáš Žďárský

Lukáš Žďárský


No matter where we are at this moment, whether gathering new inspiration or challenging a task, we will always make time to get back to you.

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